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The Case of the Golden Swan

A mystery awaits its solver! Will you and your friends be able to solve the case of the Golden Swan? In this escape room game you and your friends have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and find the gold-hoard.

Together with CLU Tku we have put together an escape room in the gorgeous milieu of Vanhalinna. The adventure is best suited for groups of 2-5, but even a group of 10 is possible (note the added cost). You can enjoy the game together with friends, coworkers, or family. Children and teens (aged 6-16) are welcome to play in the company of adults.

No brute force is needed to solve this mystery; only cleverness and teamwork. The escape room’s door is also always unlocked during games so you can exit the space at any time if necessary.

We also sell gift vouchers to the escape room. The voucher costs 95€ and gives access to 2-5 players.

The vouchers can be purchased from the museum’s shop “Hilda’s boutique” during the museum’s opening hours or by contacting us at

A gold horde in Vanhalinna?

In the year 1897 brothers K.F Joutsen

(Finnish for Swan) and A.F. Jonsson joined the largest gold rush in the world and headed to Klondike, Canada. They struck gold and returned to Finland as rich men. With this gold thy funded the construction of the main library of the University of Turku.

A story tells that the Joutsen brothers and the

people of Vanhalinna hid some of the gold on the Vanhalinna estate grounds for a rainy day. Can you find this hidden gold? Can you solve the mystery of the Golden Swan?

The escape room will take the players on a journey through the history of both Vanhalinna and the Klondike Gold Rush.


  • 2-5 players: 95€
  • For groups larger than 5 players there is a 20€ added cost per added player
  • Gift voucher for 2-5 players: 95€

All prices include a 10% tax.

Duration of the game:

60min. Reserve some extra time in addition to the duration of the game itself. Before the game there will be a short introduction to the story and the game’s mechanics.

Amount of players:

The escape room is best suited for a group of 2-5 players, and a maximum of 10 players (note the added cost).


The escape room is well suited for groups of friends or coworkers, and for families. Children and teens (aged 6-16) are welcome to play in the company of adults. We reserve the right to stop the game with no refunds if these terms are not respected.


Reservations for the escape room must be made at least 9 days before the day of the reservation itself.
010 292 7090 (business days at 9am to 4pm)



While making your reservations you agree to our terms of cancellation. Booked games must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the booked starting time of the game itself. Cancellations via email to We charge the full price for a booking, regardless if you show up or not.

Time of arrival

Arrive to the game by the booked time. Refunds are not possible and you cannot extend the reserved time of the game even if you arrive late.


You will get the most out of the game without alcohol. We reserve the right to remove intoxicated players without refunds.


Using a mobile phone for communication and taking pictures or video footage while inside the room is prohibited