Privacy policy

Customer register

Data controller

The Liedon Vanhalinna Foundation
Business ID number: 1490233-9

Contact details

Vanha Härkätie 111, 21410 Vanhalinna

Responsible for register

Executive director Kaisa Nikkilä
no. 050 308 8167

Name of register

Customer register

Purpose of this register

The Liedon Vanhalinna Foundation rents venues belonging to the manor house estate for private bookers and corporate clients for parties and meetings.

Client information is gathered for the purpose of continuing these company operations. The gathered information is utilized in maintaining customer relationships, processing bookings, for billing, and for the internal reports of the register holder.

Register’s data content

The following customer information is gathered:

  • information concerning the client (name, contact details)
  • information for the purpose of the booking  (corporate event, private event)
  • billing information (government ID, address, e-mail address)

Regular sources of information

Our regular sources of information are the customer information given to us directly by the customers themselves during bookings or discussions of business offers, messages sent to us by the contact form, emails, phone calls, contracts, customer meetings, or other such situations where the client gives us pertinent information.

The regular disclosure of register information

Personal data is handled outside of the Liedon Vanhalinna Foundation only by collaborators in contractual relationships or by the clients themselves. All contracts made with us are made with privacy protection and personal data processing in mind.

Any information in the register is not transferred outside of the EU or EEA.

Register system protection principles

The paper documents delivered to the register holder are filed and kept protected under lock for five years. The client’s name and e-mail address are attached to the e-register where the client can freely request to be removed from. The time the information is kept in the electronic system is a maximum of 10 years.

The access rights to the information systems containing information from the customer register are limited to people authorised to handle the information by the register holder. The information produced by the system, other electronically handled information and their backups are kept in a cloud computing platform.

Informing those registered in the system

Those registered into the system are informed of the practical application of the Personal Data Act as they confirm their booking contract with the Liedon Vanhalinna Foundation.

Right of access

Despite confidentiality regulations the client holds the right to be informed of the information concerning them that has been registered into the system, or lack thereof, after they have provided the necessary information for the retrieval of this information from the register.

The client can request for the right to access the information either verbally or on paper by contacting the register holder.

Correction of information

The client can request for their registered information to be corrected. The register holder will correct the inaccurate information or supplement missing information. The client can make requests concerning information correction to the register holder. The register holder will process this request promptly.

Deleting or transferring registered information

A client filed in the register holds the right to revoke their consent to the handling of their personal data, and request the register holder to delete the information concerning them. A client in the register also holds the right to access the information concerning them to have them delivered to a different register holder. The information will be delivered in PDF-form via e-mail to the e-mail address listed in the register.

No automated data processing or profiling is used in the handling of personal data.