Puimala koristeltuna.

Puimala / The old threshing granary

In the old threshing granary barn (“Puimala” in Finnish), somewhat separate from the manor house estate, you can hold private parties or corporate events in the authentic Finnish countryside atmosphere, in the charming style of Finnish barn dances. The granary has no heating and is thus only available for renting in the summer season.

The granary holds basic furnishings of tables and chairs:

  • 7 larger tables 240cm x 75cm
  • 10 smaller tables 180cm x 75cm

The venue seats approximately 120 people.

The venue has 4 toilets.

Behind the building you will find an idyllic forest pond and an old blacksmith’s forge.

While the space has room to serve food, it does not have a kitchen, and Vanhalinna cannot provide additional furniture or equipment to the space.


We enjoyed the threshing granary as a party venue very much. The space is, by itself, fairly rugged, but you can create such a beautiful atmosphere into it. We feel like we succeeded in making the space our own. One of the good sides of the space is also that we got to bring our own food and drink so even there we got to plan it all to be exactly how we wanted it.”