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The museum of Vanhalinna takes you time travelling to the past all the way from the Viking age to post-war Finland. The Linnavuori hill and the ancient burial ground of Aittamäki are archeologically significant sites, and some of the archeological artefacts found from the sites can be found in the Vanhalinna museum. The culture trails around the area will also guide you through the history of the area, and the archeological work done here. See more from the Culture trails tab.

Vanhalinna’s long-term exhibit “The Thread of Life“ tells the story of a Southwestern Finn’s lifecycle in the 1800s. The exhibit tells how life was led then, what were the most important cornerstones of life, and what a powerful influence old folk beliefs and the Lutheran church had in people’s lives.

In the history house museum of the manor house you can catch a glimpse of life in post-war Finland of the 1940s. At first glance the home seems quite ordinary, but at a closer look you will find that many familiar and important items of today are missing.

You can go through the museum exhibits, and the yard, independently or with the help of one of our guides.

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Visits from school groups will be arranged by pre-booking at any time of year.
Entrance fee: 1€ per pupil
Guided tour: 65 € per group (maximum group sixe: 30 pupils)’

Mobile guide

In Vanhalinna’s mobile guide you will find material to further deepen the knowledge given by the exhibit itself. The mobile guide also has information from past exhibits no longer in the museum. Their materials have been archived into the mobile guide. The guide is currently only available in Finnish.

Further information and bookings
010 292 7090 (during business days from 9 am to 4pm)